November 30, 2010

Fabio and volunteers,
You are truly angels with wings of a different kind—streched out on the plane and on your backs, too. You have been sent by God to my family in Decatur as you have flown son Marc back and forth for treatments MDA after his major pelvic/hip surgery in July, now 13 flights according to you posting. Your dedication to your mother and to others now in her memory , Fabio, is truly commendable to say the very least. She would be so very proud of her son and what he is doing for others. And from Marc’s dad to you, the words “Thank you” are so inadequate to say to you and the volunteers, but just know how very much I appreciate all of you for each time you have flown Marc to and from Decatur for his treatments at MDA in Houston.

-Frank Semmelmann