Robby Roth

Next to losing a loved one, battling cancer is about the most disruptive, expensive and stressful crisis a family can deal with. When your doctor and medical team are a six hour drive away it is even more complicated. Scheduling hotels, missing work and leaving children all makes for a lot of stress. However, for us the most stressful, and physically challenging, thing is the drive. It is a six hour drive one way. Many times the trip has been made when I was physically weak, and it is always tiring, adding to the discomfort of the whole experience. Now imagine going to Houston in the morning and being home that afternoon. That was our first experience using Raquel’s Wings. We left that morning were home that afternoon, and had time to enjoy the weekend instead spending it driving. In eight years of going to M.D. Anderson we have never experienced anything like that. Needless to say Raquel’s Wings is one of the most wonderful of many blessings we have experienced since we began our battle with cancer. I cannot put into words the amount of stress and chaos Raquel’s Wings has eliminated from our lives. It has also helped reduce the cost of hotel rooms and missed work. It truly is a Godsend, coming when we needed it most.

The first time I met Fabio I could tell he had a genuine passion for what he was doing. He is a man with a noble mission, and he has a team of pilots and other staff that share his passion. They have made the decision to use their gift of flying to help others, and they are completely patient oriented and safety focused. From the minute you approach the plane they are instructing you on safety, telling you what to expect, and the whole time ensuring that you are accommodated in every way. From the time you leave until they get you to your destination they make you feel like you are the most important person in the world. Your comfort, convenience and safety is their only mission and concern while you are in their care.

To sum up I would describe Raquel’s Wings as professional, caring, compassionate, accommodating, patient focused and safety focused. They care and look out for you just like you would expect your own family to do. When I say Raquel’s Wings has been a Godsend, I mean it literally. Mere words can’t describe how much they have improved my situation. For me and my family Raquel’s Wings is another valuable ally in a difficult battle.