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This was my first time to ride the event and I will be back next year. I talked to a fellow rider, Skip, who told me all the money goes to the charity, not just a percentage. What a worthy cause done right! I wasn’t prepared for all the rolling hills, which never seem to stop, but it was the perfect day to ride. We had cloud coverage and light winds. The rest stops were well stocked and the volunteers were very kind. I liked the little orange cones with the mileages of how far we’ve ridden and how much father to go. First time for me to see that and it was much appreciated. The route was well marked too. At the finish the organizers provided food, water, music (I heart 80’s. Can’t go wrong with that!) and entertainment for the kids. Tents, tables and chairs were provided to shade us as we ate. We even received a finisher’s medal. They thought of everything and then some. I hope Skip can get the word out to attract more riders. I will try to get the word out to my friends and other riders. Thank you, Raquel’s Wings for Life, for a wonderful experience. The flyby in honor of all cancer patients was very touching.

-Cindy Quenneville


I just wanted to provide some feedback around the event at the weekend. I have come over from Australia and I have to say without exception this was the best organized event I have participated in and I have participated in a lot of them.

From the start with the planes flying above us, to the parking and general facilities it was just fantastic. I was in the front cycling group and we had a motorbike escort us the whole way around the course, ensuring that we felt safe the entire way. I was just really blown away with the organization of the event.

I just wanted to pass on how much I enjoyed it and what a great job your team did.

Thank you for a great morning!


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