Average cost of a round-trip flight from
Decatur to Houston:
$500 – $1000

Since Raquel’s Wings for Life is a non-profit organization, all proceeds fund the RWFL’s  goal of  providing complimentary transportation and service to patients. Expenses include the fueling and maintenance of the aircraft used in operation. All activities rely solely on donations, personal  funds and volunteer efforts.

Everyone is welcome to lend their resources and serve the community volunteering for Raquel’s Wings for Life. Sponsoring items including hats and T-shirts with the popular cancer treatment ribbon, can be purchased online or over the phone.  All proceeds go directly to the RWFL foundation and its operations.

You are able to make donations at

First Financial Bank
608 West Hale Avenue
Decatur, TX 76234
(940) 683-8780

Or you can mail it to

Raquel’s Wings for Life
351 Airport Rd. Ste. 2
Decatur, TX 76234
(940) 393-2999

You can also make a donation online with Credit Card or Paypal Account

Or by purchasing through Amazon Smile